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My name is Derick, I'm Irish, yet I love Chinese food...and New World wines! My first novel, Dysfunctional Romance!, is a hilarious Irish romcom with over 115,000 followers on Twitter, was No 1 in Amazon's Top 100 Humour/Humor Chart, has 73 5* reviews on and continues to cause havoc throughout the world!

My second, slightly more controversial (if that was possible!) but equally hilarious, 'spiritual' romcom, Unholy Romance!, has 29 5* Amazon reviews.

My third book, Asphyxia, is a fast paced thriller, full of deception, thrills, twists, warped eroticism & dark humour, that will leave you gasping at the climax! It hit the number one spot in Amazon's International Crime and Mystery charts in the UK and USA in July 2014! (33 5* reviews on Amazon so far!)

My fourth book, Infallible, is a scandalous, blood curdling thriller that will imprint itself on your psyche...permanently! NOT FOR THOSE EASILY OFFENDED! (21 consecutive 5* reviews on Amazon so far!)

My fifth opus, Fiend Street, (YA genre) is gorier than Twilight, creepier than Cirque Du Freak, more spellbinding than Harry Potter & damn bloody SCARY! Be very afraid:-)

My latest book, Dysfunctional Romance 'The Break-Up!' is a sequel to my first romcom, and will make you laugh out loud, cringe, cry and feel faint!

About me? I'm a deeply passionate and energetic individual and want to rock your world, literally! I also want to make you laugh out loud so much that you get tinnitus...or scare the bejesus out of you and make you incontinent!

Derick :-)

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