Derick Hudson, Author


Hi all :-)

My first novel, Dysfunctional Romance!, is a hilarious Irish romcom with over 85,000 followers on Twitter, was No 1 in Amazon's Top 100 Humour/Humor Chart, has 58 5* reviews on Amazon and continues to conquer the world!

My second, slightly more controversial but equally hilarious, 'spiritual' romcom, Unholy Romance!, has 21 straight 5* Amazon reviews already!

My third book, Asphyxia, is a fast paced thriller full of deception, thrills, twists, warped eroticism & dark humour, that'll leave u gasping at the climax! (22 5* reviews on Amazon so far!)

My latest book, Infallible, (published Oct 2013)is a scandalous, blood curdling thriller that will imprint itself on your psyche...permanently! NOT FOR THOSE EASILY OFFENDED!

About me? I'm a deeply passionate and energetic individual and want to rock your world, literally! I also want to make you laugh out loud so much that you get tinnitus...or scare the bejesus out of you!
Derick :-)

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